Specialist in delivery of turn-key systems for incinerator ash.


TRS BV delivers recycling plants for a wide range of recycling purposes. Turnkey installations for the recovery of metals, further separation of various materials and finding innovative solutions are part of our scope.


TRS BV, based in Akersloot, The Netherlands, consists of a team that has over 15 years of experience in the international recycling industry. We are specialized in finding solutions to various problems and building practical recycling plants.


We focus on techniques for metal recovery from waste streams such as Incinerator bottom ash. We are able to offer a complete solution for processing bottom ash into a clean product and even to a building material!

This also includes the possibility of going a step further and cleaning the metal products to gain a higher value.

In addition to metal recovery also other separation techniques are part of our program. For example air separation techniques and density separation.


TRS has access to a fully equipped workshop with computer-controlled fabrication of the steel works. All production activities take place under one roof whereby coordination of the project(s) are monitored very closely.


From our central location, we are able to have technicians at our clients location on short notice to reduce downtime to a minimum.



With our extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of separation techniques, we are able to find a suitable solution for many waste streams. If required we can organize laboratory or field tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of the separation. Subsequent to these studies a complete design will be engineered and delivered into a production ready concept.


We will be happy to advise you on finding a fitting solution for processing your material.





Existing or new solutions are entirely designed in-house and developed on customer specifications and the material being processed. We have several engineers and designers to work out complete designs which are made at a level so they can directly can be produced.


All designs will be made in 3D, and give a clear overview over the installation and the integration thereof in the existing situation. The components of our suppliers are also implemented in 3D into the model to evaluate and already filter out any problems in advance.


In consultation with the customer last changes can be made where after the installation goes into production.


All steel works, necessary to support and join the components and conveyor belts, are manufactured in our own factory. Since these are designed in 3D they are directly loaded from the modelling software into the production machines making an exact fit as designed guaranteed.


The support frames, platforms, gutters, fences, are unless otherwise desired galvanized to cope with the harsh influences from the materials which are processed and the weather conditions.





With an experienced team, we take care of the assembly of the plant at our customers location. Where necessary, specialized work can be done in cooperation or in accordance  with specific suppliers. Electrical cabling and control systems are carried out by a specialized contractor which has extensive experience in the field of recycling.


After completion of the assembly the installation is commissioned and configured and optimized for maximum separation.




If desired TRS can also perform maintenance for the installations. In consultation with the client a plan is drawn up to keep the plant in optimum condition.




Bergen - Norway

Extension of the existing plant with a pre-processing system to reduce the size of the bottom ash, clean the metals and to sort out plastics. This extension to the existing installation allows an improved operation and higher metal recovery. By cleaning the metal the value is increased and waste stays at the landfill.






Tavannes - Switzerland

Dust extraction on hand sorting station to remove vapors from product stream. While hand sorting the coarse fraction from the bottom ash, fumes and unpleasant odors accumulate in the sorting cabin which makes working in this environment unpleasant. By aspirating the fumes directly above the material the working conditions in the cabin are much improved.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your material!



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The Netherlands

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